The future of cooking is digital.
The future is IBEX.

Commercial kitchens are no place for compromise. But until now chefs have always had to make a trade-off between speed and quality. Introducing the IBEX rapid-cook oven, a revolution in design and performance that delivers high-quality food faster than you ever thought possible.

Change the game for your customers and your staff when you put an IBEX oven with solid-state radio frequency technology in your kitchen.

Introducing true digital cooking in a commercial oven.

Until now, cooking has been a one-way street, blindly pushing heat and energy into your food with no feedback, resulting in hot and cold spots. The IBEX rapid-cook oven changes the game, engaging food in a real-time culinary conversation as it Heats, Learns and Adapts™ to deliver delectable, consistent results. IBEX brings proven solid-state RF technology to the commercial kitchen for the first time. And because the IBEX high-speed oven is preprogrammed for your exact menu, you’ll get consistently delicious results every time.

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See how the IBEX high-speed oven goes beyond convection cooking.

Comprehensive spec sheets

View technical specifications, measurements, power requirements and more


View technical specifications, measurements, power requirements and more

IBEX for your bakery/café
IBEX for your restaurant
IBEX for your hotel

Is an IBEX commercial oven right for your kitchen?

Your customers are craving high-quality baked goods. Flaky, buttery pastries, a muffin that’s still warm or desserts that feed their sweet tooth.

Use your IBEX oven to quickly bake:

Perfect Pastries Perfect pastries
Perfect Pastries Whole pans of muffins
Perfect Pastries Fresh breads
Perfect Pastries Cupcakes by the dozen

Chocolate Fudge Brownies

24 each

7:30 min
Convection Oven
30 min
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Is IBEX right for your restaurant?

Only IBEX can deliver a delicious full-menu experience that keeps up with the quick-turn demands of your operation.

You’ll use IBEX to quickly deliver:

Perfect Pastries Chicken and Veggie Flatbread
Perfect Pastries Pretzel Dogs
Perfect Pastries Toasted Panini
Perfect Pastries Chicken Breast

Flatbread Pizzas

6 each

2:45 min
Convection Oven
12 min
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Is IBEX right for your hotel?

Your kitchen opens early and stays open late. From cafe-style breakfast fare to late-night room service orders, IBEX will help your staff meet your customers’ demands for a wide variety of high-quality food any time of day.

You’ll use IBEX to quickly serve:

Perfect Pastries Personal Frittata
Perfect Pastries Salmon Filet
Perfect Pastries Roasted Asparagus
Perfect Pastries Brussels sprouts

Pan Roasted Salmon Filet

24 each

8:00 min
Combi Oven
11 min
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How fast is IBEX? Let's look at the numbers.

Toasted Panini

1:30 min
4:15 min

Personal Frittata

1 portion
6:45 min
12 portions
7:15 min

Witness the IBEX rapid-cook oven in action.

Nothing compares to seeing IBEX digital cooking technology in person and sampling some of the delicious food it can deliver. Complete the short form to schedule a demo with an IBEX representative.

IBEX wins 2022 Kitchen Innovation Award
KI Award 2022